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Senior Handler and Dog… Amanda Robbins and Ruby for their Club CCD.

Trial Dog… Wendy Job and Tully for CCD.

Rally Dog of Club… Rebecca Cowley and Elwood for RN.

Rally Trial Dog… Margaret May and Rosie for RM.

Agility Dog ( Senior )… Angie Kennerson and Evie for AgCh.

Agility Dog ( Junior )… Jess Tanner and Teddy for JDX.

Scent Work Dog ( Senior )… Leanne Smart and Paley for SWA.

Tracking Dog… Wendy Job and Lochie with TCh.

Tracking and Search Dog… Trish Brown and Remmie for TSD.

Herding Title... Jencie Harrington and Bear for HSAs.


Please note that the cut off date for the Title Awards Applications is the 20th November 2022.

No late applications will be accepted.

Title Application Form Downloads ...Obedience....Agility....Scent Work....Rally....Miscellaneous.

Hobart Dog Training Club Awards - 2021


Rob Valentine Perpetual Trophy Award - 2021

This award was presented to Louise Riley for her outstanding service to the club in the field of Agility and the Committee for many years.

Jean Kingston Award - 2021

This award was presented to Cliff Bray and is an encouragement award for handlers who have shown an outstanding commitment to Obedience training. Nominations are put forward by instructors.

Life Membership - 2021

Michelle Williamson was awarded Life Membership status for her dedicated and ongoing work for the club in various positions, including Instructor for Beginners and Tracking plus many years of work on the Committee.