The Hobart Dog Training Club is a Performance Dog Club affiliated with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) through the Tasmanian Canine Association (Dogs Tasmania).

In addition to growing the relationship with your four legged family member(s), our classes also teach you the skills required to compete for nationally recognised titles at events all around Australia

Regular classes run from the first Sunday in February through to the first Sunday in December.

January Classes run under our Summer School Schedule.

Our Core classes and times are below:


Unfortunately our barking buddies don't come with commands pre-programmed, so it is up to us to teach them how to be good family members.

To help with this, we run the following classes to take them from bouncing puppies through to seasoned veterans:



Puppies 6mths< 12:30pm check the Puppy class information


Pet Dog Class 1:30pm

Pre CCD / Social Class 1:30pm 


Beginners 6mths> 2:30pm  see below for further information

Competition stream

Advanced Obedience 1:30pm 

Competition Precision Skill Building 2:30pm







We would like to assist with your ongoing training at home, we have set up a dedicated Face Book site to assist handlers with their training. We will be regularly posting  training videos and helpful advice to assist. As this is a closed group for your class feel free to ask questions and the instructors will do their best to answer your issue.

You may email us with queries, use the CONTACT US on the Top Right side of menu bar, Use Beginners B in the subject line. 

HDTC Beginner B class is the FB name of your group, please ask to join and be added to the group.

Check UNITS in the menu line, we have units 1 to 6 covering the 6 week Beginners course. Feel free to post your video in the comments.

Thank you for your understanding.


If your dog likes to work at a run, Agility is the place to be.

You will learn how to use both your voice and body to guide your dog around a course.

All new dogs start with our Foundation Course - numbers are limited, so please register your interest at the front desk.

If you have already started training elsewhere or competing, please speak with our Agility Instructors  so they can assess which class is right for you

Foundation - 12pm

Skills B - 1:15pm

Skills A - 12pm

Trialists - 10am



Every dog loves to sniff, and with a nose like theirs can you really blame them?

With Nosework you can unlock their inner Quarantine, Customs, Detection Dog to make this an incredibly rewarding experience.

Coming in 2020, dog and handler teams can compete for a national Nosework Title.

Classes run between 10am and 1pm, but are variable  with demand - we recommend registering interest to join an Introduction to Nosework Course at the front desk to get started and introduced to our Sniffer Squad.


Puppy Class

Congratulations on your new baby family member, but how do you train your furry toddler?

Our puppy class will teach you how to bond with your puppy, how to gain focus and learn about body awareness, child safety, doggy manners and how to meet and greet another dog or person. You will learn loose lead walking, how to settle on a mat and puppy games to aid further training. You will learn about socialisation and physical development and you will learn some basic commands. Puppies are to be less than 6 months of age.

Puppy Class starts at 12:30 pm



As you will be aware all Dog Training classes and Events have been cancelled until further notice.

Please check our website or FB as we will advise in due course when classes resume.

All Puppies need early training and our Puppy class instructors have set up a dedicated FB page to assist Handlers and Puppies also anyone with new puppies can participate.

This group is called  hdtc Puppy class.

This is a closed group so please ask to join, we will post information to assist with your training and answer any questions you may have.

Our website has a live FB feed if you are not a member, to enable you to access our latest posts, please find (F) on the top RHS of the menu bar, please use this as a forum to comment or ask questions.

You may email us with any questions, top RHS of menu bar CONTACT US and ensure in the subject line you type PUPPY CLASS and our instructors will reply as soon as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.


Tracking teaches your dog to follow a scent trail laid by a person called a track layer. This type of tracking is for competition and the tracks are laid in a specified pattern which the dog must follow.


Track And Search is urban tracking.

Classes are run in blocks based on demand - please register your interest at the front desk to be notified when our next course is run.



Would your dog get a kick out of running flat out to retrieve a ball, bounding over hurdles along the way?

Would you enjoy working with three other handlers and their dogs in a relay race described as Drag Racing with Dogs?

If this is you, the HDTC K-Niners would love to see you at training.

Practice starts at 10:30am


Rally Obedience

Its one thing to demonstrate Obedience skills in an examination where there is a prescribed method of ordering and conducting the examination, but what if you don't know what skills will be called up, and in what order, until 10 minutes before the competition? That's Rally O.

Rally O comprises of 17-20 individual exercises in a course, please follow the link at the bottom of this page for the ANKC website and download the SIGNS and descriptions of each exercise,  Novice signs, if you are a Beginner, also the RULES for the conduct of a Rally O Trial and details of Deductions used by the judge in Trials.

Classes for all levels run from 11.30--12.30. Please come along and speak with an instructor to reserve a time slot for your dog to complete the course each week.

We set up 2 courses each week which vary depending on the level of the handlers and we give individual instruction to each handler.

All classes and Tests are $4.00.

Club Tests are every 2 months and Hobart usually have 3 Rally O Trials each year with interstate judges when possible.

Join our Hobart Dog Training Club Facebook. to keep up to date with events


Please check our Woofling On Facebook site for updates and cancellations due to Trials, when our instructors are away and adverse weather conditions, if its wet we are unable to put up our signs and if its too hot its is not safe for dogs or handlers.


Dogs Tasmania will meet in June to map out a way forward for our club activities, please check our Facebook site for updates.

Summer School

New to Rally O

Summer School will be conducted  in January, .  

The first week---------Please arrive around 11.00 and toilet you dog and ensure he has water and windows are down if left in the car or please bring your crate and a cover if its hot. We will have a  10 minute introduction and information session without the dog.

What will you learn?

Getting to know the Novice signs with one on one instruction and correct footwork,Rally O Rules and Etiquette  then joining our regular Rally O class in February when our club resumes from the Christmas break,  individual instruction will assist each new handler completing Novice courses.

Place your name and details on the Summer School waiting list at the office and we will contact you with all the information required to commence.

Maximum number of 10 handlers for this school.  Prepay $20.00 at the first class please, the club offers pre paid $20.00 cards at the office which include a free lesson.


PRE REQUISITE for participation:

Can your dog::: Sit, Stand, Drop, Heel on lead or are you in  Pre CCD, Agility or other performance sport, this basic Obedience is all you will need.

Once you complete your Beginners course you will be given an allotted time each week to train with an instructor.


Clicker Class

The Clicker Class teaches you how to use a Clicker as a reward marker for your dog.With this skill, teaching your dog new skills and tricks becomes a highly rewarding affair.The Clicker Class runs in blocks several times per year, keep an eye out on our facebook page for the next class announcement.


Sunday Office Hours: 12:15pm – 3:15pm
For specific Class Times, please read the Class Descriptions.

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