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Abstract Background

Trish,Lisa and Danielle
( plus Baloo)

All dogs love to sniff, it's the main way they experience the world.  

Scent Work is a great positive training experience that will help you understand your dog much better and learn to 'read' them. 

It will also strengthen your bond with your dog.

Scent Work is now recognised as an ANKC sport which means that dog and handler teams can work towards earning an ANKC title. 

Classes with Trish, Lisa, Emily and Danielle are run each week at 10.30am for students who have completed an introductory course in Scent Work and are working on odour.

For complete beginners we run an Introduction to Scent Work course several times a year to help you get started, or there are several private trainers who run regular courses.

If you've started Scent Work and would like to join our regular classes, or if you'd like to know when our next Introduction Course will run, then please email us via our Contact Us button on the website home page.

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