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We are a non-profit, volunteer run organisation that offers classes in Pet Dog Training, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Tracking, Scent Work and Flyball for all levels from beginners through to trial standard. Classes are held on Sundays throughout the year at The Domain Crossroads Oval.

Classes are run by experienced instructors who are active in their respective canine sports fields.

We strongly believe in positive reinforcement training techniques.

We recommend that members also follow us on Facebook to be kept informed about any short notice changes.

Marble Surface
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                                                            President’s Report 

This year we have enjoyed a return to normal training classes and trial events. Whilst the COVID19 pandemic has made this challenging, I thank our volunteers for their fabulous efforts which have allowed us to continue to deliver quality training for the community their canine companions. At the same time our thoughts are with our friends in NSW, Victoria and Queensland who sadly are experiencing the further spread of the virus.   

Just as we ensure that our dog’s vaccinations are up-to-date I encourage everyone to get their COVID vaccinations so that we can do our bit to keep everyone at our club and in the community safe and virus free.  

2021 has seen the following highlights:

•    Our first ever Scent works trial was held. Well done to Trish and her team of volunteers.
•    A smooth and successful return to normal training classes and some rescheduled trial events;
•    The continued success of our online registration system to better manage class numbers, enable          electronic transactions and allow instructors to have better information in advance about dogs              and their handlers;
•    Our club remains in a sound financial position;
•    Applications were made for two grants for new agility equipment and train-the-trainer workshop          to support our volunteers; and
•    Initiatives were extended to support development for our volunteers.  


I acknowledge the valuable contributions of Cynthia - Vice President, Mark - Treasurer, Michelle- Secretary, Liz - Assistant Secretary and Lynne - Trial Secretary and all members of the Committee throughout the year. Thank you also to our auditor David Howie, Emily – Head Instructor and all of our dedicated instructors and volunteers. 

Congratulations to Michelle Williamson who has been a committee member for many years, an instructor, assistant secretary and now secretary. Her commitment, care and contribution to the Club has been recognised by awarding her life membership of our club. 

I never tire of seeing the unique bond that grows between dogs and their owners as they learn more about communicating with each other. Our volunteers play a crucial role in this journey. I look forward to another exciting year where the secrets of how to have a positive influence on your dog’s behaviour is passed from our volunteers to our members and their dogs. 

Wayne Johnson
September 2021

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