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We are a non-profit, volunteer run organisation that offers classes in Pet Dog Training, Obedience, Rally, Agility, Tracking, Scent Work and Flyball for all levels from beginners through to trial standard. Classes are held on Sundays throughout the year at The Domain Crossroads Oval.

Classes are run by experienced instructors who are active in their respective canine sports fields.

We strongly believe in positive reinforcement training techniques.

We recommend that members also follow us on Facebook to be kept informed about any short notice changes.

Marble Surface
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                                                            President’s Report 2023 

This year has gone so quickly. Or is it just, I’m getting older?

We have enjoyed another successful year.

Some of the highlights have included....
• Passes and titles being achieved by members across a range
of performance disciplines.
• A sound financial position which guarantees our viability.
• Further progress on drafting our new Constitution which will
provide us with a modern set of rules. Many thanks to our
sub-committee Wayne, Louise, Jencie, Bruce and Leanne who
have spent many hours on this project.
• There have been 2 new disciplines added to the ANKC trial
Calendar namely Scent work and Tricks.


I acknowledge and thank my executive, Pauline, Vice-president,
Mark, Treasurer, Louise, Secretary, Jencie Trial Secretary and
Bruce the Public Officer.


And I thank the committee ---Kevin, Leanne, Liz, Andrea, Rachel,
Wayne Leanne, and Emily. I want to remind the members how
hard these volunteers work throughout the year.


We have had some challenges this year, but the committee is
working very hard on protocols to minimise any future problems
that may arise.


To our dedicated instructors, assistant instructors, and
coordinators, I am in awe of your knowledge and dedication to
the dogs and their handlers. You are the people who keep the club
going and I know I speak for all our members when I say thank you
very much for being here every Sunday.


Thank you to Jodie our Head Instructor (the job nobody wants)
and Pauline our Deputy Head Instructor.


I look forward to watching our handlers grow in confidence with
their training weather it be teaching their dogs to be good citizens
or weather they join the trialling community.


Most importantly remember to just have fun.

Cynthia Jones
President HDTC
14th September 2023

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