About Us

We are a non-profit, volunteer run organisation that offers classes in Pet Dog Training, Performance Obedience, Rally, Agility, Tracking and Scent Work for all levels from beginners through to trial standard.Classes are held on Sundays throughout the year at The Domain Crossroads Oval.

Classes are run by experienced instructors who are active in their respective canine sports fields.

We strongly believe in positive reinforcement training techniques.

We recommend that members also follow us on facebook to be kept informed about any short notice changes.

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                                                                  President’s Report 2020

Benjamin Franklin said that ‘out of adversity comes opportunity’ and I am pleased to say that has been the story for our Club this year. The challenges caused by the suspension of all training and trials due to the COVID19 pandemic have been significant and the response by our committee, instructors and volunteers has been remarkable.

2020 has seen the following highlights and opportunities:

•    A new online registration system was implemented. This has allowed us to better manage class numbers; move to electronic transactions; and instructors to have better information about dogs and their owners before classes;
•    A new website has improved communication and information for our members;
•    New financial initiatives have been offered to support our instructors and volunteers and we extended 6 months free membership to all members due to COVID19 disruptions; and
•    Adjustments have been made to the design and structure of classes to better meet the needs of members and instructors.

We appreciate that changes can be frustrating and challenging at times. Thank you for continuing to navigate and embrace new ways of doing things. This has allowed us to recommence classes as soon as reasonably possible whilst continuing to provide a safe environment for you.

I acknowledge the significant contributions of Cynthia - Vice President, Mark - Treasurer, Liz - Secretary, Michelle - Assistant Secretary and Lynne - Trial Secretary and all members of the Committee throughout the year. Thank you also to our auditor David Howie, Pauline – Head Instructor, Emily - Deputy and all of our instructors and volunteers. I make special mention of Trish and Mark who successfully set up and guided us through the on-line registration system.  

It has been an unusual yet successful year thanks to all of our volunteers.  ‘Volunteering is the ultimate exercise in democracy. You vote in elections about once a year, but when you volunteer, you vote everyday about the kind of community you want to live in’* If you enjoy being a club member, I encourage you to volunteer some of your time to help the extraordinary community at HDTC so that we can continue to provide quality training and opportunities.  

Wayne Johnson
President, September 2020                (*author unknown)