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Many thanks to Angie from Kolahai Photography for the great shots.

Agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog around a course of obstacles in a race for both time and accuracy. It requires a good understanding between dog and handler and correct obstacle performance. At HDTC handlers will learn how to use verbal and body cues to guide their dog in addition to teaching their dog to safely perform the various pieces of equipment used on course.

Agility classes with Louise are performed off-lead on a multi-use ground near roads and cars. For these reasons it is important handlers and dogs have good obedience training and skills (e.g. recall, wait, drop, heel, etc.). Unfortunately, we are not able to accept dogs without a recall or highly reactive dogs into agility classes. We are happy to assist with choices of specialist trainers who can help you.

Please note that agility classes are not suitable for puppies.

The agility program offered at HDTC starts with......


Foundation Agility – 8 sessions all about laying good foundations which will give the handler and their dog confidence in working together as a team. The training is done on the flat with minimal equipment. Please note that a basic level of obedience is required prior to joining this class. 

Skills B (Beginner) -  follows on from Foundation and is where basic handling techniques and obstacle performance is learnt. Progression through this level of training can take 3-6 months.

Skills A (Advanced) -  is the next level on the agility pathway and at this level handling skills are put into sequences of increasing complexity and length as experience and skills develop. This class also aims to prepare teams for trial competition.

Trialing teams then progress to Trial class where there is an opportunity to work more independently, learn more advanced handling techniques and practice complex sequences.

If you have already started competing or training elsewhere, please speak with our Agility Instructors so they can assess which class is right for you.

Current Timetable.
Skills A...10.30am-11.30am

Trial Class... 12.00pm-1.00pm
Skills B...1:30pm-2.30pm


If you have enquiries in regards to any of these classes please contact Louise directly via or use the Contact Us button on the home page.

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