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Bylaws and Constitution

A physical copy of the Club Bylaws and Constitution is available for viewing at the clubhouse on regular training days.


Digital copies can be accessed here:

HDTC Bylaws

HDTC Constitution

The Instructors

Head Instructor:

Pauline Dowling - O

Deputy Head Instructor:

Emily Drysdale - NW

Jody Frith - O, RO

Cynthia Jones O
Trish Brown - NW

Cecile Fassina - O

Barb Duke - A, O

Anne Bolt - RO

Louise Riley - A

Angie Kennerson - A

Jenni Erke - A

Daniel Guajardo - A

Kat Davson-Galle - O

Rachel Dowling - O

Michelle Williamson - T, O

Paula Benz - FB

Rebekah Benz - FB


O-Obedience, RO-Rally Obedience, NW-Nose Works, T-Tracking, A-Agility, FB-FlyBall



Wayne Johnson 


Vice President:

Cynthia Jones



Mark Worsley



Liz FosterAssistant



Michelle Williamson


Trial Secretary:

Lynne Cox


Public Officer:

Wayne Johnson



Anne Bolt, Bruce Cole, Rachel Dowling, Pauline Dowling, Emily Drysdale, Kevin Hotson, Louise Riley  Margaret May, Leanne Smart.


Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC)
Dogs Tasmania (Tasmanian Canine Association Inc)

Tasmanian Dog Waking Clubs

Hobart City Council

(see Environment > Animal Management)

Tasmanian Dog Training Club (Launceston)

Eastern Shore Dog Club (Bellerive)

Southern Obedience Club (Kingston)

Huon Valley Dog Walking Association (Huonville)

Canine Performance Association of Tasmania (Oatlands)

Notes from a Dog Walker